CIGRE SC D2 Colloquium Young Members event is hosted by CIGRE Finland Next Generation Network (FiNC NGN) during the D2 Colloquium in Helsinki, Finland on June 11–14, 2019. The event is for Next Generation Network members and it is free of charge.

The registration is now closed since the event is full.

If you wish to attend the Colloquium Dinner in addition to the Young Members event, the cost is 100 €.


Tuesday June 11

Welcome Reception
Venue: Old Court House / Vanha Raatihuone
Address: Aleksanterinkatu 20, 00170 Helsinki
There is no bus transportation to the Welcome Reception.

18:30–19:30 Welcome Reception hosted by City of Helsinki

Wednesday June 12

Young Members Recearch Showcase and Colloquium Tutorials
Venue: Paasitorni
Address: Paasivuorenkatu 5 A, 00530 Helsinki

08:00 Registration opens, Technical Exhibition
08:30 Welcome to the Colloquium / Olga Sinenko
08:45 Welcome to student research presentations
09:00 Presentations 1–3
10:00 Coffee break and Technical Exhibition
10:30 Presentations 4–7
11:40 Break
11:55 Presentations 8–12
13:20 Lunch
13:55 Tutorial 1
15:10 Coffee break
15:40 Tutorial 3
17:00 Colloquium programme ends

Colloquium Dinner
Venue: HSS Paviljong. The venue is on a small island and the ferry ride takes approximately 7 min.
Ferry address: Merisatamanranta HSS wharf
Venue address: Liuskasaari, Helsinki

18:00 Bus transportation to Merisatamanranta HSS wharf from Paasitorni
18:30 Non-stop ferry from Merisatamanranta HSS wharf to HSS Paviljong at Liuskasaari
19:00 Colloquium Dinner starts
21:30 Colloquium Dinner ends
22:00 Last non-stop ferry back to Merisatamanranta HSS wharf

There is no bus transportation back to Paasitorni.

Thursday June 13

Fingrid Presentations
Venue: Fingrid Head Office
Address: Läkkisepäntie 21, 00620 Helsinki

09:00 Fingrid presentation: IoT in Fingrid
09:30 Fingrid presentation: ELVIS
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Fingrid presentation: Travelling wave measurement
11:00 Fingrid presentation: Datahub
11:30 Lunch

Young Members Technical Excursion
Bus transportation leaves from Fingrid Head Office

12:15 Bus transportation to Anttila substation
13:00 Anttila substation Excursion
14:30–15:15 Bus transportation to city center

Colloquium Conclusion
Venue: Paasitorni
Address: Paasivuorenkatu 5 A, 00530 Helsinki

16:15 Colloquium Conclusions, Awards, Farewell / Olga Sinenko
17:15 Colloquium programme ends

Social Evening
Venue: Fingrid Head Office
Address: Läkkisepäntie 21, 00620 Helsinki

18:00 Social evening at the sauna area of Fingrid Head Office

Friday June 14

Colloquium Technical Excursion
Venue: Nokia Executive Experience Center
Address: Karakaari 18, Espoo

08:15 Bus transportation leaves from Paasitorni
09:00 Visit to Nokia Executive Experience Center
Address: Karakaari 18, Espoo

11:30 Lunch at Nokia (provided by Nokia)
12:15-13:00 Bus trasportation to city center

Young Members Research Showcase

Young member research showcases are for all attendees of the Young Members event who wish to present their new research at the event. The presented research may be covered in a new unreleased paper or an already published thesis which shall be publicly available.

The best presentation given is awarded with a cash price. The evaluation for the best presentation is done by a group of specialists from the Finnish National Committee of CIGRE.

To participate follow these instructions:

  • Register to the CIGRE D2 Colloquium 2019 Young Members event
  • Deliver your paper or a link to the published thesis according to the below mentioned requirements to no later than 15th of April.
  • The delivered research will be reviewed and a decision about the acceptance of the research shall be delivered to the attendees by 30th of April. The research review shall be done by specialists of the Finnish National Committee of CIGRE.
  • If your research is accepted, you shall deliver a presentation for the event and possible corrections to the research by 27th of May. The duration of your presentation shall be approximately 10 minutes.
  • Attend to the event and give your presentation on Wednesday, 12th of June. All attendees of the Young Members event are invited to listen to the presentations.

If you are interested in presenting your paper, the paper needs to fulfil the following requirements:

  • The subject of the paper or thesis must be within any area of the CIGRE Study Committees.
  • The paper must be unreleased.
  • The paper must be delivered in the template provided on the following page:
  • All writers must be students or young professionals with less than 10 years of CIGRE experience.

If you are interested in presenting your thesis at the event, the thesis must fulfil the following requirements:

  • The subject of the paper or thesis must be within any area of the CIGRE Study Committees.
  • The thesis must be released and less than two years old.
  • The thesis must be publicly available and a link to the thesis must be provided for the review.
  • The writer of the thesis must be a student or a young professional with less than 10 years of CIGRE experience.

CIGRE SC D2 Colloquium 2019 Tutorial Participation

You can participate in the following tutorials for free as part of the CIGRE D2 Colloquium 2019 Young Members event

  • Tutorial 1: Advanced Utility Data Management and Analytics for Improved Operation Situational Awareness of EPU Operations. Responsible Alberto Del Rosso (US)
  • Tutorial 3: Cyber Security Management – a key player in the EPU resilience strategy. Responsible Giovanna Dondossola (IT)

Also access to the Colloquium Technical Exhibition is granted.

Fingrid Presentations

Fingrid is the transmission system operator of Finland and is responsible for the operation of all of the 400 kV and 220 kV Network and approximately half of the 110 kV network in Finland.

Fingrid will present its timely technical topics at Fingrid office in Helsinki.

The topics are the following:

Internet of things (IoT) in Fingrid

Fingrid has taken its maintenance to the next level with the help of IoT technologies. Fingrid is creating a modern digital substation that will change the way maintenance is done.

ELVIS information system

ELVIS is a state-of-art information system that supports asset and operation management.

ELVIS is based on product-based solutions and it consists of eight products. The products are integrated into each other so that the master data of the grid assets are only located in one application.

Travelling wave measurements for locating line faults

Travelling wave measurement enables fast and accurate fault location analyzing. Fingrid will update its fault location analysis with a large number of travelling wave fault locators and the goal is to measure most of the 110 kV lines with travelling wave fault locators in the future. With the newly updated system Fingrid is, in the best case, able to locate faults even before they happen (frost on the overhead lines, for example).


Datahub will take care of all information exchange in electricity retail market in Finland in the future. It will speed up, simplify and improve processes for every market party in electricity information exchange.

The centralized solution provides all parties with equal and simultaneous access to the information.

Come and learn more about these topics!

Young Members Technical Excursion

Everyone attending to the Young Members event have an opportunity to visit the Anttila substation. The substation has 400 and 110 kV AC switchyards and the connection of the Estlink HVDC link. Estilink 2 is a 450 kV HVDC link with line commutated converters and connects the Finnish and Estonian grids. Estlink 2 was commissioned in 2013 and has the capacity of 650 MW.

Additionally, there is a possibility to attend to the D2 Colloquium Technical Excursion to Nokia Executive Experience Center on Friday. The excursion to the Executive Experience Center begins at 9 am and lasts until lunch. In the Executive Experience Center there are demos for the use of 5G for SmartGrid, IoT and other applications.

Social Evening

It is important to get to know other young professionals around the world and have a good time. Finland Next Generation Network will organize social activities for young members and there is, of course, a possibility to visit sauna.

If you have any questions regarding the event, feel free to contact Pauli Partinen, email: or Onni Härmä, email: