CIGRE Finland Next Generation Network board 2021

Chairperson: Pauli Partinen

Vice-chairperson: Antti Vainionpää

Secretary: Petra Raussi

Board positions

CIGRE Finland NGN board consists of four positions:


  • Chairing board meetings
  • Overall responsibility for NGN activities
  • Communication with the Finnish National Committee of CIGRE


  • Stand in for the chairperson in case of absence
  • Support Chairperson in all tasks
  • Organizing and planning of the NGN activites


  • Board meeting minutes
  • Communication to NGN group about the internal NGN events
  • Planning of the NGN events

International event coordinator

  • Coordination with other NGN groups through Next Generation Network International Executive Committee
  • Communication to NGN group about the international NGN events

The board will have bimonthly meetings. The board will be chosen in the Finnish National Committee of CIGRE autumn meeting. The board will be selected for the following year. In case some position is not assigned to a person, one person can take responsibility for multiple positions.