The Study Committees with a member from Finland:

Each CIGRE study committee covers a specific technical domain dealing with Power Systems. The Finnish National Committee of CIGRE has a representative in the following study committees:

  • A1 Rotating electrical machines
  • A2 Power transformers and reactors
  • B1 Insulated cables
  • B2 Overhead lines
  • B3 Substations and electrical installations
  • B4 DC systems and power electronics
  • B5 Protection and automation
  • C4 Power system technical performance
  • C5 Electricity markets and regulation
  • C6 Active distribution systems and distributed energy resources
  • D1 Materials and emerging test techniques
  • D2 Information systems and telecommunication

A study committee member is selected for a 2-year period, which starts during the Paris Session. The same member can have three successive membership periods. The membership period starts during the CIGRE Session. National committees propose candidates some 9 months before the Paris Session.