Published 1.9.2021

In the spring meeting of the national committee we agreed to have a meeting on September 21, 2021, where we can present CIGRE Centennial session and discuss. In order to plan the program, please send your contribution to the Chair of the national committee latest on September 9. you can present something from the group discussion meeting, from a presentation or tutorial.

Published 6.7.2021

Synopses notification of acceptance: September 24, 2021 Receipt of full papers at central office: January 24, 2022 Full papers notification of acceptance: April, 25, 2022 There is no individual presentation of Papers during group Discussion Meetings. Special Reports give the essence of Papers with questions for the audience. Authors will have the opportunity to present their Paper during Poster sessions. If your Paper is accepted, then you must attend both meetings.

Published 28.6.2021

The bank account of the Finnish National Committee of CIGRE has a new bank account. We will remind you on this when sending the membership fee invoices.

Published 21.1.2021

The Call for papers is published and is available here: Note that there is a new time schedule for the paper process: Synopses to the Central Office latest on April, 30, 2021 Synopses to the Finnish National Committee latest on March 15, 2021 Notification for authors July 2, 2012 Full papers to the Central Office latest on January 7, 2022 The dead line of full papers to the Finnish National Committee will be announced later The national Committee evaluates the papers and gives advice for improving the paper before sending the synopses to the Central Office. I may be possible to give a later dead line for few synopses proposals for a good reason. If you need a later dead line, contact to the Chair of the National Committee.

Published 9.4.2020

CIGRE sent a letter to national committees and to session 2020 delegates. Administrative Council voted about postponing the 2020 session. The results and more detailed information will come on April 16, 2020.

Published 8.1.2020

An offer to start-ups to attend the technical exhibition. The offer is limited to 35 start ups with the first come first served principle. The offer package is 5 days for 500 €.

Published 24.8.2018

The dead line for CIGRE D2 Colloquium 2019 synopses is extended to September 30, 2018.

Published 13.4.2018

Register to the 2018 Session here: