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CIGRE SC B5 kollokvio 2019: synopsisehdotukset 31.10 mennessä

Kollokvion ensisijaisaiheet englanniksi:

Papers are invited on any topics of interest falling within the following three preferential subjects.

PS 1: Leveraging PMU data for better Protection, Automation and Control Systems

  • Use of PMU data to improve system models and to monitor analogue inputs
  • Adaptive protection concepts utilizing PMU data
  • Wide area schemes, novel backup protection, power swing protection, and synchronizing schemes based on PMU data
  • Improvements in PACS commissioning and post?event analysis using PMU data

PS 2: Time in Protection Applications Time sources and distribution Methods

  • Sources and distribution of time references in PACS and Wide Area Systems and the related accuracy
  • Engineering of time synchronisation and time reference distribution for IEC 61850 process bus based protection and control applications
  • Commissioning and testing of time reference sources and distribution means
  • Expected behaviour of PACS functions in case of loss and recovery of time synchronisation

PS 3: Future technologies for inter?substation communication, Migrating Digital Teleprotection Channels to Packet?Based Networks

  • Migration of Serial Teleprotection Channels to Packet?Based Networks and best practices for specifying, testing, commissioning and monitoring
  • Specification of channel or network performance, data transmission and management of constraints for PACS
  • Data Segregation including use of virtual networks and WDM (Wavelength?Division Multiplexing) for PACS and performance analysis methods
  • Substitution of serial interface: Technologies, topologies, constraints and experience feedback


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