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CIGRE-yleiskokouksen näyttelyyn tarjolla 35 paikkaa start-up yrityksille 500 eurolla

Start-up-yrityksille on rajattu määrä (enintään 35) paikkoja teknilliseen näyttelyyn edullisella hinnalla. Ohjeita ja infoa täällä.

Vaatimukset (englanniksi):


  • Have an independant legal body
  • Be maximum 5 years old
  • Size of 50 people maximum
  • Be aimed at creating, improving and expanding a scalable, innovative, technology-enabled product in the field of CIGRE activities
  • Have never been a CIGRE Exhibitor before (A start-up who would already have reserved a booth for CIGRE 2020 exhibition can take part, but cannot cancel its booth)
  • Comply with the exhibitor's rules & accept the general conditions
  • Only small devices & products for display are accepted