Joining CIGRE

When you want to become a member, fill in the form ( pdf or text), fill it and send the file to the secretary of the national committee. e-mail: ella.kack(a)

The membership fees in 2022 are:

  • Category IA collective member (CM IA): 1388 €
  • Category IB collective member (CM IB): 988 €
  • Category II collective member: 290 €
  • Category I individual member: 92 €
  • Category II individual member, young member: 48 €
  • Category III individual member, student member: 0 €

CM IA: the number of employees in the country greater than or equal to 500, CM IB: the number of employees in the country smaller than 500.

Membership and its benefits

CIGRE membership opens access to the global CIGRE community.

Paying members can get CIGRE technical brochures and other publications from e-cigre for free and can register to the biannual CIGRE Sessions with a reduced fee.

Only CIGRE individual members (category I or category II) can become Study Committee members. The Finnish National Committee proposes the Finnish candidates for the Study Committees.

Collective member staff has access to Maximum number of accounts for Collective member category IA is

Collective members have access to all documents in electronic form (Electra, e-cigre etc.) as follows:

  • CM IA: a maximum of 50 persons.
  • CM IB: a maximum of 10 persons.

CIGRE presentations

More information on CIGRE and its activities around the World is here. Below you can see different presentation videos on CIGRE and its activities:

When a student member graduates

When a student member graduates, she or he can continue as a student member at the end of the year of graduation (no membership fee, no invitations to FiNC meetings, no opportunity to join the working groups). Alternatively, she/he can change her/his membership category immediately after the graduation into category I or category II (membership fee, invitations to FiNC meetings, possibility to join working groups, access to vote at CIGRE General Assembly).